Support for the communication of NAICM

México, 2017

To supply power for the communication of all facilities at the new airport, MEI provided Battery Chargers and Battery Bank through the company Urisa.

The company awarded will build and install high voltage equipment to supply electricity to all facilities of the new airport, including the terminal building, control tower, support buildings, visual aid systems and aerial navigation, among other activities, and its work will be maintained independently to the processes of construction of the first two tracks and the referred buildings.

Substations and electrical connections include a fire suppression system, three-phase transformers, one power plant for backup power of NAICM general services and the main control room. In addition to the exterior and interior lighting, air conditioning systems and power cables and accessories, protective equipment, control, energy measurement, communication, installation of optical fibers and their fittings and accessories, system earthing through special connections, signage and spare parts in accordance with the mentioned standards.