Supervise, monitor and communicate

In MEI we offer complete wireless mobility solutions with voice, data and video applications, designed and developed according to our client’s requirements. With the purpose of providing communication and bi-directional connectivity between the site and control centers, as well as monitoring and supervising the problems that may arise in real time and be able to attend them in a timely manner.

Security and Mobility Solution for Subway Public Transport


The objective of this project is to monitor, communicate and supervise in real time what happens in the route of the stations, as well as provide communication and security to the subway users.

Main characteristics of the project:

Security and Monitoring Solution for the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)

The purpose of this project is to address any anomaly presented in the electric power distribution network; by knowing the precise location of the fault the nearest personnel will be notified in order to arrive promptly and provide effective attention, for an expedite solution.

Main characteristics:

Mobility Solution for the Federal Police


This project aims to send voice, data and video information in real time of the different roads to a Control Center on the monitoring of vehicular traffic of these roads to prevent criminal actions.

The main characteristics of the project are:

Communication, connectivity and security at all times

Ing. Fernando Ojeda Dávila
Director of Fiber Optics

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