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MEI has a design engineering department, made up of engineers and technicians who are experts in the most advanced development techniques for complete and comprehensive projects, with specific characteristics and for different applications in DC Power Systems, Enclosures, Industrial Battery Chargers, Fiber Optics, Energy Saving Systems, Industrial UPS, Energy Monitoring System, Broadband Mobility Solutions and Industrial Enclosures.

Our engineers frequently travel to national and international fairs to learn about the new, innovative designs developed in the world of telecommunications with the latest in technology, to provide our clients with customized designs of the solution they require, according to their needs and specifications.

Our clients of telecommunications companies like Telmex, Telcel, Alcatel, among others seek for our services periodically to request enclosures with specific characteristics, such as integration of power and air conditioning to keep them safe in the different environments, to control their telecommunications equipment.

Our development engineering area focuses on generating, verifying and implementing solutions that ensure full compliance with the requirements requested in each of the designs generated by MEI. We supervise from the most basic components of the equipment, manufacturing processes, homologation tests, technical information, operation manuals, installation, commissioning and training of the personnel of our clients for the proper functioning of the equipment.

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