Intelligent management, monitoring and control in one solution

Integration with an old monitoring system.
Adjust the air conditioning and fans.
Smoke detection and alarm emission.
Forced opening door warning.
Notification of intrusion into an area.
Control of opening of restricted access remote doors.

Tools that make up a great solution

Supervision Module

Controller that can manage inverters, rectifiers, converters and external devices; as well as monitor and control a series of peripheral boards assigned for power, batteries and generators.

SYNERGi – Intelligently integrated energy

It is the most advanced hybrid solution in the industry, increasing equipment uptime and maximizing benefits, such as: increased generator life, maintenance, fuel savings and investment recovery. It contains intuitively and intelligently multiple energy inputs to optimize it in a simple way.

Energy Manager

Intuitive monitoring system, easy to use, has intelligent touch screen display, with a wide range of connectivity with communication and management options.

DPC Smart Center DPC SC501+SC520

Powerful control for large capacity CD systems with TC/IP SNMP communication protocol, easy to use, intuitive and touch screen display.

Custom design tailored to your needs

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