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In MEI we know the importance of environmental sustainability nowadays, so we offer the design and development of energy saving systems through renewable energy. We carry out a specific study of the conditions of the site and the environment where it will be located, as well as the requirements and needs established by our clients.


  • Savings in electricity consumption billing
  • Potential decrease in diesel consumption
  • Reduction of maintenance throughout the infrastructure
  • Autonomy of equipment in operation
  • Decrease in hours of in-person work
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2)

Alternative energy, committed energy

Photovoltaic solar energy is a clean and inexhaustible energy, which is suitable for use in isolated electrical network sites or in areas of difficult access. Its main application is for telecommunications, such as: local telephone exchanges, radio and television antennas, microwave repeater stations, SOS road poles and other types of electronic communication links.

Wind energy is an abundant, renewable and clean resource that helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions; it is ideal for providing electricity in remote and isolated regions that do not have access to the electricity network; however, environmental conditions allow to generate electricity through wind turbines allowing to save fuel in the plants, also ensures and guarantees the quality of electricity supply.

Hydrogen energy is a source of alternative energy that does not pollute the planet, because of the combination of hydrogen and oxygen in the air, it is discarded as distilled water, a resource that can be recycled. Mainly used as a backup power system in case of interruption of the main supply at the site.

Elements that transform alternative energy into electrical energy



Intelligent monitoring and control system

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Convertidor Solar

Solar Converter
SM 2048 HE

Photovoltaic conversion module

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Rectificador Cargador

Charger Rectifier
RM 2048 HE

2000 watt high efficiency charger rectification system

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Rectificador Cargador

Charger Rectifier
RM 3048 HE

3000 watt high efficiency charger rectification system

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Cargador de Viento

Wind Charger
WM 2048 HE

Conversion module for wind power generation systems

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IM series to
1.5 kVA inverter module

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Designed to fulfill the needs of our clients

If you require information about an energy saving system that you want to implement in your company, in order to provide you with an optimal service, please download the following document to complete the required information; then, please attach it to this form for submission to assist you as soon as possible.

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