Reliability, efficiency and professionalism

In order to provide you with an effective assistance, we ask that before you communicate with us, please have the Model, Serial Number and Equipment Specification Number at hand, which you can obtain from the identification plate.

Specialists in fault detection

Our support department will assist you in the specific diagnosis of your equipment, guide you step by step at all times to perform protocol tests that will determine the correct operation, based on this we will identify and determine the type of solution required for the equipment.
According to the result of the functional tests, it will be assigned:

  • Troubleshooting with guided support
  • Repair or replacement of damaged parts
  • Face-to-face assistance
  • Repair in MEI facilities

Preserving the quality of our products

In MEI we make repairs for all our range of industrial products according to the diagnosis. This may be a simple fault, which only requires some system configurations to be solved or a major fault that requires a repair or replacement of the damaged part. According to where the equipment is located, it will be defined if it is convenient for one of our experts to attend or in such case, send the equipment to our facilities.


Extending the life of your equipment

As the equipment is in operation, periodic monitoring must be performed to verify correct performance. Performing preventive maintenance prevents the presence of future faults. However, when the deterioration of a part is observed, corrective maintenance must be applied to repair the identified faults, and to have an optimal performance of the same.


Verifying equipment performance

MEI has specialists in charge of supervising in detail all the factors that make up the installation where the equipment is located.

Once the correct installation is confirmed, they will turn on the equipment to perform rigorous protocol tests that verify the correct operation of each of its components, and then make the official delivery to the responsible area.


Know the characteristics of your equipment in detail

Our engineering department provides all the information you need of your equipment to know all the features, benefits and precautions of the same, achieving maximum productivity.


MEI… committed to productivity

Always thinking about your comfort, we put at your disposal the spare parts of each of our solutions to always guarantee the operation of our products.


Providing optimal on-site service

Our experienced engineers are always ready to attend your request for field support assistance. We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we offer assistance anywhere in Mexico or abroad.



Satisfied clients

40 000

Diagnostics performed

35 000

Preventive maintenance

50 000

Equipment in operation

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Ing. Alfonso Calderón
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To provide you with optimal and immediate technical support, we serve you from 8:00 am until 5:30 pm. In case you require service at a different time, please write us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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