Modular, flexible, reliable power

High frequency industrial battery rectifier chargers are manufactured with certain voltages for optimal charging of different types of both open and sealed batteries. Our industrial chargers are easily integrated into any existing DC Power Systems, as they are designed and developed according to the specifications and needs of our clients.

Based on these parameters, the design and characteristics of the enclosure are determined for its manufacture:

  • Output voltage range of 120 VCD
  • 19” and 23” rack
  • Enclosures with NEMA 3 standard to NEMA 12
  • Indoor or Outdoor enclosure
  • Battery bank included
  • Independent battery bank

Elements that integrate a DC Power System for industry

Power section
Shelves with redundancy to maintain power supply.
Industrial battery charger
Provides high power energy to the DC Power System.
Monitoring of rectifiers directly or with RS232 or RS485 interface.
Alta frecuencia
AC input module
Provides power to the DC Power System.
Distribution module
Provides power to different connections.
Battery module
Provides continuous backup power to the equipment.

Industrial battery chargers designed to fit your needs