A great choice for ventilation

10 – 100 Micron Filter

The 10 – 100 micron air filter stops some of the impurities contained in the ambient air, which is forced to circulate through fans. For the effectiveness of the filter, thermostats are used to operate the ventilation when the temperature reaches the preset level and to prolong the cleaning of the filters.

High technology filter

This filter has a filtering efficiency of 99%, it also stops the water and corrosion elements, it allows to use the outside air to remove the heat, complying with the NEMA 4 standard. With this filter, we can obtain temperature differentials of 5°C between the interior and the exterior.

AC/DC Forced Ventilation System

Enables proper temperature control for both indoor and outdoor NEMA 3 enclosures. Homogenizes the concentrations of heat to avoid deterioration, damage or premature aging of electrical equipment. According to the characteristics of the enclosure and the result of the various calculations performed by our expert engineers, the capacity of the forced ventilation system is determined.